Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Time time time- constant demands on MY time.

I threw this thing up last week thinking I would post from work, which is really the only time I mess around on the internet. Yea- I am one of those that take time from work and goof off- so freaking what.
Now- back to the time thing. Truth is, in the normal fashion of my job, I have enough spare time to do so. In fact I goof off at times just so I don't get it all done to soon. My boss has been gone for two weeks now so you would think I would have more time to screw around and do things like write on a blog. Hell no! When he is gone I get his  work he is required by the company to get out- and for the company or the customer things have to be on time- remember the Govt holds its contractors to a much higher standard than the Govt has!

Speaking of the Company- this actually is a great company to work for, one that actually cares about the employees. After 30 years with the City of Hattiesburg and one mayor that actually said "firemen are a necessary evil" it is refreshing. There  are the demands- high pressure at times- to meet contractual requirements but at least they do it with a smile. Audits- damn audits- this place is the most audited place in the world. Paper work audits- you know, "did you do what you say you do when you say you do it and where is the proof". I hate audits- and when they catch you with some errors- even a darn typo- and write you up! An audit write up requires more paperwork to track- a plan to fix and then darn proof that you did what you say you did!

Anyway- some darn dignitaries are due here- past due now by 8 minutes to see the station and I have to give the 75 cent tour- more darn demands on my time!

I will find time to post- I am actually working on a short story about a fire crew making entry into a house fire and since the Captain is me it will be R rated!

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