Wednesday, February 8, 2012


BLOG? Me BLOG? I don't even know what the hell blog stands for. Oh wait while I go Google it.

I get it now, I think. This is the acryonym for weBLOG. Why BLOG? It sounds like something nasty, something you spit out, blog, blog, patoey!

I read a few blogs when I get the time. Some interesting, some that make you think and others that are just plain damn stupid. I have also been told that I should do one, so I guess now that I have started typing it is being done. I don't know why though. I do have lots of thoughts but am not, repeat am NOT one that puts words on paper in any type of coherent fashion.
I am not an author. What I am is a tired old fireman, very tired retired from public service and now working my rear end off in the private sector, or for a contract FD on a Federal Base. Not bad but here it is a high pressure corparate world.  "Excellence, On Time, Within Scope and Within Budget". One thinks the government holds it contractors to a much higher standard than they live by, doesn't one?
I am a tired old fireman but not a firefigher anymore. I know push paper or computer keys and my desk is full of stuff I have to get entered into they system. My job as Fire Prevention Officer keeps me very busy with 8 inspectors going out daily and then having to research the Fire Codes so I can site word for word to idiots that they have to do what we said they have to do to protect their or their workers lives. Its a never ending merry-go-round.

Anyway I have a question. Should I do this? Should old HT write a BLOG? Darn that is such a nasty sounding word. Would anyone actually read what I put down? I do have thoughts, as does every one and I have opinions on most anything.
One that is hitting me at the moment is the death penalty since good ole Misasipe just killed another one. Thing is I was an alternate on his trail- did not have to vote since the original 12 stayed on but I did have to sit through the entire thing. This is one of the many reasons I am now opposed to the death penalty. Does anyone want to read about that crap. Let me know.

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  1. I, for one, am tickled to see you starting a blog. Stick with it! I find your way of describing things, quite entertaining. I'll read it! :)
    It wouldn't hurt to put some thoughts for the day up in here. Those are priceless to me!