Friday, February 17, 2012

The Rules Donot Apply To Me

Part of my job here at SSC is to issue permits for folks that work here to be able to use "convenience  appliances" such as microwaves and coffee pots. It sounds silly but with about 6000 folks here if they did not regulate it we would probably have fires from people using old worn out stuff or using it in an unsafe manner. Anyway- I got this application for use of- from one of the Safety people. He works in Safety and is over a large construction project and should know the rules, and does know the rules.
One of the main rules on appliances is this: "Only approved electric cords manufactured for use with the appliance being operated shall be used. electric cords shall be kept in good condition, protected from heat or mechanical damage, and plugged directly into a wall or floor receptacle as specified in OSHA Standard {29 CFR 1910.334}. Extension cords shall not be used."

What part of "plugged directly into a wall or floor receptacle" does this guy not understand? Does he think I will make an exception because it is him?
This is what he wrote on his application: "Will be used by J** D******** on porch on south side. Used with extension cord and brought back into office 104 each day."

I Gave it to one of the inspectors to go and take a look to see if it was ok for permit issuance. He was back in the office in about 3 minutes, laughing, and asked me if I had read this. The whole crew had a good laugh out of that one.

I called the dude, seems he eats fish almost every day (health nut) to get the omegas and such stuff. The other occupants said they would tar and feather him if he put anymore fish in the microwave. What ever type he eats stinks to high hell or something.

I told him no. I know it is temporary. I know this and I know that. I don't care if you think you have to eat fish for your heart.

Sorry its still no. It is not Rocket Science. Would you allow the contractor on this job to skirt the rules- knowing it would be your rear in the sling if it goes bad? The guy next door wants his extension cord also, gee where does it stop?

Give these folks an inch and they will take a light year.

Now I am an asshole.

So be it.

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