Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Much For a Holiday Weekend!

Well, well well- last weekend was the Presidents Day Holiday Weekend and you would think a golf addict like myself would get in two rounds at least. If you did you would be wrong! I guess I should be happy to be alive, and I am but I sure did miss getting to play me some golf!

The weekend started out as an ok one- but Saturday morning turned into a disaster.

My wife and I had tickets to the Mystic Crewe of Zues Ball thing that they do every year in Hattiesburg. This was not my choice of how to spend a Friday night- all dressed up in a stupid looking Tuxedo - even if I was with a well dressed and very hot lady. If you know me go look at facebook to see one hot couple.
The first of this 'show' was actually good, there was an Irish Band called Graffiti Classics that got the ball rolling. The band consisted of two babes on violins along with one dude with a violin and another one with one of them big old six foot tall bass. The band put on a good show.
Next was this 'play' where they did Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes - with kids of Crewe members playing the parts. Basically a way to get the kids on stage, have their names called, in some cases "daughter of Mr & Mrs Theygotmoremoneythanyoudo".
Act III was when they introduced the King. Queen and their Court. Lots of fancy clothes with all kinds of glitter and more of the son of, grandaughter and cousin to some other persons. People do so like to hear their names over the loudspeaker in a theater! Some where in all of this they also introduced all past Kings and Queens that they could get to the theater.
Act IV was the grownups turn to play the parts in Mother Goose Fairy Tales. Grown men in their first year in the Crewe or "Dignitaries" all dressed up in silly costumes and paraded across the stage. Like all of the others these folks were also very proud of their family trees.
Act V: The party itself. A band at the Community Center- expensive drinks, which made me glad I don't partake of alcohol anymore, and almost now where to sit! This place was near to over crowded by the formula from the Life Safety Code and all there was to do was dance. Dance we did my hot little wife and I. We finally left after 2 AM getting home and into bed sometime after 3.
By the way- rich drunks act just as stupid as poor drunks they just look classy in those formal dresses.

I arose from my bed around 9 Saturday morning, cooked the woman and I some pancakes and sausage. After I had my breakfast I was sitting in my chair, going to watch some TV since it was pouring rain and there would be no golf. Well, well soon after perching in my chair I felt like my heart was doing flips in my chest.

Flips in my chest, a feeling I have had before and thought I had fixed last August with a  procedure called Ablation. I was converting into AFib or Atrial Flutter which is a condition where the heart is misfiring causing the atrium to not beat properly. It is actually a fairly common condition that some people live with every day. When I go into A-fib there is this other problem. The bottom part or ventricles take over and compensate for the lack of beats from the top and starts to beat really fast causing me unbearable pain.
The big problem with A-fib is that blood can pool inside the atrium causing clots which could cause a stroke so I almost immediately got up and   took a Pradaxa which is a blood thinner that works almost immediately. I had these on hand, on doctors orders just in case this were to occur. I then tried to just sit around and find a comfortable position and could find none. I took a shower, got dressed and again tried to make it ease, it did not. I then told my wife to get her a shower that I was ready to go to the hospital.
Before I had the Ablation  this was something I did about every three weeks and had not had to do it in just over 6 months. Normally I would go in and they would try IV drugs, first to slow the rate and then to convert it to normal rhythm. This has worked only one time. All of the other times my doctor would take me to the cath lab and convert it by electro shock but this was not going to happen on a weekend and I knew it.

I will not go into all the trials of the ER- they pussy foot around way to darn much for me but will say that I got there- they took me right in- hooked me up - said yes you are in A-fib and your heart rate is 184 bpm.
Wow- no wonder it hurts so damn bad- chest hurts- jaws hurt, it feels like someone has their giant hands around my throat squeezing hard and I can't breath worth a hoot. So do something. They started me on the same IV drug that slows the rate which eased the pain and said they would have to admit me, which I knew they would- they always say that. During the week I can get my cardiologists to over rule that- shock me and send me home but not today. They did at least call his office, he was not the one on call but I did see one of the partners.
I got a room- and sometime later they gave me a pill that would 'help' the other drug slow my heart down since it was still about 120. Well now that just did the trick- heart rate went down to like 40- now its to darn slow! Long story short my heart did convert to normal on its own about 1030 or so Saturday night. First- it stopped for about 8 seconds, or they said it did- they were monitoring it with this thing in my pocket. I know when that happened and I realized that right after that I was in normal rhythm. I almost passed out- got real dizzy had some tingling sensations all over my body and could not see nothing but stars for a short bit- then all was well. They came- more than one of them- several of them to the room and said we have to do an EKG- I said ok, but my heart is normal right now. She said that is what the EKG shows. So I thought I would go home in the morning. Note they did not tell me about the 'pause' and I did not know at that time that it occurred.  The doc told me Sunday morning.
He told me about it and after thinking about it I know the dizzy spell was when it stopped. He also said that he thought it was probably the drug combination but he wanted to keep me for 24 more hours and monitor it- so I said ok- that was quite a fright to say the least.
Anyhow- my Doctor came in early Monday and sent me home, he thinks it was just the other drug and should not really worry about it- I already had an appointment with the doctor that did the surgery in Jackson for next week and he decided to let that doc decide the next course of action.
I knew going into the Ablation last August that it was not guaranteed to work- that it sometimes takes two or three of them to work 100%. I was feeling confident that the one time would be enough after 6 months but I guess I was wrong- now its time to see what the doc thinks we should do and my sweet wife and I to decide which way to go from here.

Oh yea- I have a date with my youngest daughter to play golf tomorrow afternoon!

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