Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Finally Made It!

To any of you that have had an addiction, especially to smoking you will understand how hard it is to quit. Even know what it does to you, coupled with the heart problem that I have had for the past 4 years- I could not quit. When I found out that many men go to the hospital after a Holiday- thus the slang name “holiday heart” for A-Fib I said no more alcohol- and quit- no problem. I tried to quit smoking but those cigars are so darn good. I like to smoke, don’t ask me why but I do. I started taking Chantax a while back- but still smoked. People at work stick their heads in and say “let’s go burn one” so I go. I did get to where the only time I smoked was on the drive to work and home- maybe one while playing golf on Saturday morning or two- and champing on flavored toothpicks in between. All the time thinking how stupid I am for doing it. Also thinking that I was hiding it from my lovely wife- like she don’t have a nose!

It has been over a week now- a very long time. I do not want a cigar, do not have the desire to smoke one would not smoke a Fat Cuban, as good as it would be, if you gave me one.

Two weeks ago if I got a good sniff of a smoker I would probably have run over to the Navy Exchange and gotten me a Swisher Sweet- lit it and sucked in all that tar and nicotine- exhaling in gratitude for the euphoric feeling it gives and wondering where those chest pains were coming from. Then brushing my teeth, washing my hands and face along with smacking gum in a futile attempt to hide it. But not now- no way, nada none- no smokes for me.

Know how I know this to be the truth? It’s a fact! Some dude just came by my office and stepped inside. I could smell him from 10 feet away- this guy must have just left a damn crowded bar where they all were smoking stale ass cigarettes and cigars. He smelled like hell. I wanted to kick his ass out of the office! It was such a relief when he did finally leave…. I can breath, I can breath!

Harry T is smoke free.


  1. Congrats! That is a BIG accomplishment. I know.

    What made you decide that this was it?

  2. Dont want to expire yet- want to shoot my age in golf and at the present scoring level I got 30 years to go!

    Had a bad spell with the darn heart last night- was doing nothing- went to get out of the chair I had been in for over an hour to go to bed and it went wild for the next 50 minutes- then back to normal.

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